Choose between Wine Down Wednesday or Beer Happy Thursday.

Get the word out on social media and confirm your event attendance with RSVPs.

Have a deliciously awesome group event with drinks and food. Lounge 51 will donate back 20% of sales to your cause!

Drink Menu

Nonprofit Status

Yes, your organization must be a registered non profit entity with the state of Illinois.

Are fundraising events limited to Wednesday's or Thursday's only?

Yes & No.

Yes, fundraising events where Lounge 51 donates back a percentage of sales is limited to our weekly Wine Down Wednesday or Beer Happy Thursday events.

No, if you have another date in mind please reach out and lets discuss your needs.

How Early Can We Start?

Your event must start between 5 pm – 6 pm and a organization representatives must be present.

How Late Can It End?

Wednesday and Thursday our Kitchen closes at 9:30 pm and last call is at 10:30 pm.

Music &/or DJ's?

DJ’s are only allowed for private events only. If your event is not large enough to be considered private we can certainly tailor our play list to your liking. Music must not interfere with our public operations during your reservation. No personal speakers or music devices are allowed to compete with our internal sound system.

Can I Bring Outside Food?

Yes, Lounge 51 is located within Dream Hall and they maintain a list of preferred food vendors.

Can I Bring In Decor and Marketing Materials?

Yes, you can certainly bring in approved decor and we certainly want people to get to know your organization. Confetti is not allowed!

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