Our celebration spaces holds up to 20 people at a time. Lounge 51 is open to the public during your celebration. We will however reserve the appropriate space for your friends and family to mingle comfortably. Planning a larger event? Please connect with us for details on private rentals.


A. Preorder from a list of approved Caterers and Dream Hall popup vendors.

B. Individual Orders allow your guest to order and pay for their own food as they arrive via our app 2nd Kitchen App or from Popup food vendors located within Dream Hall.


A. Open Bar select a per person open bar package. Your guest will receive a wrist band and our staff will serve them based on the selected bar package.

B. Cash Bar allow your guest to order and pay for their own drinks as they arrive.

Can I Bring In Decor?

Yes, you can certainly bring in approved decor. Confetti is not allowed.

Can I Bring Outside Food?

Yes, Lounge 51 is located within Dream Hall and they maintain a list of preferred food vendors.

Music &/or DJ's?

DJ’s are only allowed for private events only. If your event is not large enough to be considered private we can certainly tailor our play list to your liking. Music must not interfere with our public operations during your reservation. No personal speakers or music devices are allowed to compete with our internal sound system.

Upfront Cost?

Unless you are booking a private event there are no upfront costs to reserve your celebration space. If you order a bar and/or food package those fees are due upfront when the order is placed and confirmed.

Is there a time limit?

Last call can be as late as 11:30 pm and guest must be out the door no later than 12 am.

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